Terms and conditions

Please arrive on time as we can only hold the table for 15 mins due to high demand.

We will always try our best to honour special requests but they can´t be guaranteed.

The management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone behaving in an unacceptable manor that could cause distress to other diners.

T-shirts must be worn at all times, no beach wear allowed.

Specific tables cannot be requested or guaranteed.

If credit card details are required for certain bookings or special events we will NOT take any money from your card unless you fail to arrive for your reservation and haven´t given us previous notice giving us time to refil the seats. In this case a fee of 20€ per person will be charged.

No dogs are allowed.

We respectfully ask you to vacate the table at the leave time stated on your confirmation.

Allergen info:
We do not have seperate allergen kitchens so although we always try our best to avoid cross contamination, we can never guarantee this due to airborne particles.